Land of Enchantment York Rite Festival 2018

Class of 25 new New Mexico Sir Knights and two visiting Sir Knights with cast and leadership.
Photo by David Cordova 


Brothers, Companions and Sir Knights,

We hope you plan to join us for the Second Annual Land of Enchantment Festival in July! After last year’s resounding success of Exalting 29 Companions, Greeting 28 Companions and Knighting 27 Fellow Soldiers, we look forward to bringing together degree teams from across New Mexico and providing a like experience for some of our Brothers.

We are once again working with Montezuma Lodge, Cerrillos Lodge and the Valley of Santa Fe Scottish Rite to provide a convenient and inclusive festival experience for our candidates and members. Our degree and order work will all happen within the Lodge building, and the Scottish Rite Center will be providing the dorm rooms for close and inexpensive boarding for attendees. We will also be providing some ad hoc tours of the buildings for those who have yet to experience their long history and contributions to Masonry in New Mexico.

Royal Empire Catering, owned by Worshipful Brother, Companion and Sir Knight Sean Sullivan will once again be providing meals for this event. Last year our meals were fantastic, on time, and plentiful, we look forward to the same for this year and it allowing us to keep to a somewhat rigorous schedule.

PLEASE start contacting Brothers who you believe may be interested as soon as possible! We are limiting our candidate registrations to those received BEFORE July 1, 2018. In addition, these Brothers must have already been voted upon, accepted and their REQUEST FOR COURTESY WORK filled out and submitted by the York  Rite Secretary/Recorder.

We look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe, and please let us know if there is anything that we can help you with on our way to another successful experience!

Mark Z. Oldknow                                                             Fred E. Kellogg
Festival Director                                                               Registrar, Associate Director